Kent’s local recycling services

Kent Waste is a team comprised of specialist waste collection experts, as well as recycling specialists. We function across Kent in areas such as, Sevenoaks (TN13), Strood (ME2) and Whitstable (CT5).

Contact us on 0800 138 9100 to see when we can collect domestic or commercial waste in your local area.

We are an environmentally responsible team and are registered waste carriers. Our aim is to recycle 100% of the rubbish collected. Wherever this isn’t possible we will dispose of the waste responsibly and efficiently in the ME15 area.

Why is it so important to recycle?

Recycling any old materials, furniture or equipment can be used for additional purposes later on as well as being reused. Recycling helps to conserve our environment, rather than taking it to the landfill where it is left even though it may have the ability to be reused.

Here at Kent Waste, we are passionate about helping to protect our local environment. This is why we sift through the collected rubbish and aim to recycle 100% of it. We know in some situations it isn’t possible to recycle so much, however we try our best to achieve these results.

A trusted team of experts

Individuals are often unaware of what can be recycled, so whilst we are clearing your home, we advise them on typical household items that once finished can either be reused or recycled. We also inform them that we aim recycle the majority of their waste. Learn more about us.

Our team has extensive knowledge when it comes to recycling, so with our recycling management scheme we are able to recycle tonnes of waste every year in both domestic and commercial situations for Kent, including Dover and Tonbridge. Contact us.